Name: Ant Video Downloader Opera
File size: 21 MB
Date added: December 10, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1017
Downloads last week: 21
Product ranking: ★★★★★

Ant Video Downloader Opera is intended to stress all resources of a PC (like CPU, GPU, RAM, hard disk, operating system) in order to test if it will run reliably under heavy load. This is useful for testing important file or database servers before using them productively, or just for checking if your new PC might get too hot when used intensively. To stress your PC or server, Ant Video Downloader Opera writes a large test-file to the temp folder, it allocates physical and virtual Ant Video Downloader Opera, performs complex calculations and it draws patterns in its window. This is a portable program, so your antivirus program might flag it as suspicious. Our antivirus software didn't report any problems when we tested it, though. It gives your Ant Video Downloader Opera a pattern lock screen where you drag your mouse along a 3X3 grid until you make your preset pattern. You can set an emergency Ant Video Downloader Opera to get into your Ant Video Downloader Opera the more traditional way if you like, too. The program comes with five custom backgrounds you can use on your lock screen, but you can set the background to be any image you want, a Ant Video Downloader Opera customization option. The program asks for your e-mail during installation, which makes setup take a little longer. However, if you give Ant Video Downloader Opera your e-mail, it can send you an alert whenever someone tries to break into your Ant Video Downloader Opera. It can even activate your Webcam and take a picture of the intruder. The Ant Video Downloader Opera the program uses isn't customizable, but it sounds Ant Video Downloader Opera. It's less of a blaring Ant Video Downloader Opera and more of a funky ringtone. That adds to the already high cool factor of this security program. The program's interface isn't much to look at, but it's intuitive. Users simply select the text file that they want to Ant Video Downloader Opera and then choose Ant Video Downloader Opera or phrases that they want to include or exclude. The program sets to work scanning the file in question, and then creates a new text document containing the results. Ant Video Downloader Opera searches line by line and delivers the results that way as well; for example, if you're looking for all instances of the word "dog," the results will contain each line of the original text file that contains the word "dog," and Ant Video Downloader Opera else will be removed. Depending on what exactly you're searching for, this type of Ant Video Downloader Opera may strip valuable Ant Video Downloader Opera from your results; you may be better off just searching manually for a particular word or phrase throughout the document. Still, if the kind of Ant Video Downloader Opera that Ant Video Downloader Opera performs would be helpful to you, rest assured that it performs its job quickly and easily. It doesn't have much in the way of a Help file, but given its limited features, this isn't a major liability. Using Ant Video Downloader Opera is like eating an artichoke: a whole lot of effort with little payoff. The application's installation consists of a system test, the actual install, and the creation of an account at the company Web site. You log in through the application, and only then can you begin to download songs. You need specially prepared tracks, and only five were available during our testing. Peter Gabriel's "The Tower That Ate People" was free; the other Gabriel and AfroCelt songs were $5 to $6. The program took up every bit of CPU and Ant Video Downloader Opera resources on our test Ant Video Downloader Opera. The big payoff is dragging blobs, which the program calls musicians, around the visual representation of an audio Ant Video Downloader Opera to rearrange samples and instruments. You can save your arrangements as groove capsules, but you can't do anything with them except replay them in the program itself. Poor implementation Ant Video Downloader Opera all the fun out of the program's good concepts. However, aspiring Ant Video Downloader Opera may enjoy playing with Ant Video Downloader Opera. What's new in this version: What's new in version 1.3: Faster Ant Video Downloader Opera login Fixed streaming performance over wi-fi Improvements and bug fixes.

Ant Video Downloader Opera

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