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He is very depressed. I'm good at playing the piano. I'm feeling fine now. Are you seriously thinking about buying a computer from that store? This book is smaller. She smiled. Excuse me, but may I use your telephone? When is the next bus to Gandhi Nagar? Can we have some more bread please? Some snakes are poisonous.
Filetype Swf: - Who left the window open?
- Hey, wait up!
- I owe him 100 yen.
- I have a cut here.
- How many cruises are there each day?
- I haven't eaten lunch yet.
- We don't like violence.
- I poured water into the bucket.
- I know, but I changed my mind. I'm too tired.
- I never thought it'd be this hard to create an iPad app.
The curtain rose. I don't have time right now. Jim looked right and left before he crossed the road. Can I have something to eat? She prodded him to work harder. Give me a hand with this, will you? I have known him a long time. Eating fish is good for your health. He is a baseball player. Are you proud of your father?

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